Buy 2 (or more) modules, get 15% off.

Buy 2 (or more) modules, get 15% off.
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XO106r4.5 board and panel files now Creative Commons licensed.

I've had a number of queries regarding availablility of the XO106r4.5 drone module - unfortunately, the level of interest is such that I'm unwilling to commit to another board run without some solid interest (interest like '50% paid up front, the remainder paid when boards are fabbed')
With this in mind, I have made it possible to order board runs through OSHPark for those who are sufficiently interested. The relevant links are:
The BOM and schematic are available on GitHub - links to the repo are available via either of the permalinks above. Both of these are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Note that I do not receive commission for any boards purchased through OSHPark, but if you feel inclined you can donate via PayPal. If there's sufficient interest, I will make more of my older designs available in this way.

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