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Buy 2 (or more) modules, get 15% off.
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1U tiles - update

“The good thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from.”

Andrew S. Tanenbaum

So quoth a man who is a lot smarter than me.

My first attempt at doing tiles, a few years ago now, focused on Pulp Logic-compatible modules. Whilst I sold a few, the vast majority got recycled as 4HP, 3U Eurorack modules. Not what you'd call an amazing success.

For my current foray into 1U, I decided to go with the Intellijel format just to see what happened. The takeup has been a little bit better but I've had a number of queries as to whether I can do $MODULE with a Pulp Logic-friendly faceplate.

The answer to these queries is: "yes", and fairly soon I hope.

Fabrication times and the like permitting, all of my 1U modules will ship with two faceplates - one will be Intellijel format and the other will be Pulp Logic format; you'll be able to tell the difference easily enough - although both faceplates will be the same width, the PL compatible faceplate will be around 4mm taller, and where refabbing is necessary there will be a marking on the backside of the panel indicating which format it is for,

No choice required - just fit whichever faceplate suits your system best.

For some tiles, this may entail a small increase in cost but I shall aim to keep this to a minimum. This will hopefully come into effect early to mid-October, and once everything is in place the product listings will be updated to reflect the change.


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