Buy 2 (or more) modules, get 15% off.

Buy 2 (or more) modules, get 15% off.
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About York Modular.

It always amuses me when I receive an email addressing the 'York Modular Team' because ...



There's only me - Simon Ward (strictly speaking, there should be a PhD there - I do have a doctorate in computational physics but I don't stand on ceremony and rarely use the honorific)

In terms of York Modular, you name it, I do it: brainstorming, PCB design and layout, fabrication prep (but not the actual fabrication), firmware writing, building modules, customer service and occasionally tending to this website and keeping stuff updated. I also do custom/bespoke work on occasion.

I hate phones, so email is by far the best way to contact me - I do answer emails (unless you're a spammer) but response time will vary: if you're lucky, you may catch me when I'm online and get a fairly rapid reply. On the other hand, if I'm away cycling then it may take a couple of days for me to get back to you.

I endeavour to help where I can, so be nice.

I'm not keen on social media either, although I do maintain a Facebook page (most announcements are made there) and an Instagram page which gets updated on a 'when I can be bothered' basis. I don't use TikTok, X (TSFKAT - The Site Formerly Known as Twitter) or Threads, a situation which is unlikely to change.

I've been told I'm quite a nice person, really.