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QUADATT: quad passive attenuator PCB/panel set (4HP)

QUADATT: quad passive attenuator PCB/panel set (4HP)

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A PCB/panel set for the QUADATT/AT4 quad passive attenuator module. If you don't want to DIY it, you can get an assembled module here.

The build is simple, requiring only 8 mono PJ301M-12 jacks and 4 Alpha (or footprint-compatible) potentiometers - solder the bits onto the board, fit the faceplate and you're done. As there are only two different components involved, this is an ideal beginners project.

You can use any potentiometer you like providing it's compatible with the Alpha footprint. I spec 100k linear pots on completed modules, but there's nothing to stop you using audio taper, or a combination, if you want to.

Once you've snapped the two boards apart, I recommend the use of a Dremel or similar too to take off any rough edges (you can use a hand file, but it's a faff) - since the boards are made of fibreglass, take appropriate precautions.

The resulting module is 4HP wide and is passive, so no power cables are necessary.

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