Shipping included on UK orders over £20

Shipping included on UK orders over £20
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Do your prices include VAT?
    No - I am not registered for VAT as my annual turnover is well below the UK threshold. Overseas orders may be subject to VAT and additional sales taxes beyond my control.

    Some taxes, such as US sales tax and Australian GST, are taken 'at source' by Shopify - others, such as customs charges and VAT, may be applied by your national mail carrier.

    As I am not VAT registered, I cannot provide VAT invoices.

  • Can you repair my $THING?
    No - I do not do repairs on third-party gear.
    I have no wish to expose myself to any more liability than is absolutely necessary so I will only do repairs on stuff that I have built.
  • Do you offer kits?
    Not any more - PCB/panel sets are as good as it gets.

  • FR-4 panels? What the heck are they?
    Panels made from PCB material. 
    As it turns out, 1.6mm FR-4 is a surprisingly good panel material which is considerably cheaper than metal even if it is subject to the same constraints that apply to PCB manufacturing. Wikipedia has the fine detail right here.

    Panels will usually be a dark purple (RAL4007, or thereabouts) for larger runs, and dark grey (RAL7016-ish) for 'initial' or short runs. In both cases, lettering is ENIG gold.

  • Those colours blow ... can you do me a panel in $COLOUR?
    Runs of single PCBs, which is what the panels basically are, are extremely expensive. In fact, there are very few fabs that will even entertain the idea of creating a one-off board, especially for a small-time operator like me.

    I make the design files freely available, so there's nothing to stop you fabbing your own.
  • Why don't you offer metal panels?
    Sub-mm metal fab is expensive.
    See the point above about rolling your own panels.

  • I can't find your gear on ModularGrid ....
    There may be some of my modules on there, but you'll have to dig around for them.  Any information on my modules you do find will have been put there by someone else - I am not a habitual user of ModularGrid.

  • Do you ship to ....
    Probably - if you're prepared to pay the shipping costs. Note that non-UK orders may be subject to additional tariffs, taxes and duties which are beyond my control - these vary between countries; your local tax authority should be able to give you more information.

    Due to an unacceptably high level of returns, I will not dispatch to PackStation or Amazon Locker addresses.

  • If I order something, can you put a low amount on the customs form so I can avoid paying duty/fees?
    No - I have a legal obligation to correctly represent the true value of the shipment on the customs documention. I will do this without exception.

  • Regarding returns ...
    In the event of something not working, let me know - despite my best efforts, faults can happen and electrons are notoriously fickle beasts. Sometimes it can be 'operator error', other times it can be a genuine fault - in either event, be nice about it.

    Note that per the returns policy, you are responsible for return shipping costs.

    Please return any faulty modules to me within 14 days of receipt - I reserve the right to refuse any returns outside of this period. You will find the returns address on your shipping label.

    IF YOU NEED TO FILL OUT A CUSTOMS FORM (CN22) FOR YOUR RETURN: make sure that you fill the form out correctly - the goods should be declared as "RETURNED GOODS" with no commercial value (some CN22s have a tickbox for 'returned goods' - others don't)

    If I am liable for any customs fees, these will be deducted from your refund total.

    I do not do exchanges except in exceptional circumstances, such as a like-for-like exchange for a faulty module - it keeps my bookkeeping simple.

  • Why is shipping to the US so expensive?
    Ask USPS.
    They jacked up their 'last mile' delivery costs by 100% and this was passed on by Royal Mail (and probably other carriers too). As a result, shipping to the US costs around 20% more than it used to.

    If it's any consolation, courier shipping is even more expensive.
  • My module has stopped working ...
    That's unfortunate - sometimes these things happen. Because I try to keep my module designs relatively straightforward there's a pretty good chance I'll be able to repair it for you. More often than not, this will be done free of charge. Obviously, for this to happen you'll need to return the module to me - see the FAQ 'Regarding Returns' (above) for more info.

    You don't need to send stuff back via super-mega priority mail - a simple tracked service is adequate.

    Note that you are responsible for the cost of return shipping - in the event of a module being irrevocably knackered and no replacement being available I'll do you a refund.