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CC-licensed modules

As part of an ongoing cleanup of old designs etc., I have made a number of modules schematics and Gerber files available under a Creative Commons license - these can be found on my GitHub page, links to which are below.

There's nothing inherently wrong with any of the designs (at least, I don't think so) it's just that they're no longer used either because the design never made the jump to a 'full' production module, or it stuff from waaaay back which, in general, has been superceded by something better.

Unless stated otherwise, these designs are released until the CC-Attribution-ShareAlike license, the practical upshot of which is that I'm really not that bothered what you do with the designs as long as you a) give credit where it's due (the Attribution bit) and b) share your designs on the same terms as I have done (the ShareAlike bit) - you can get the gory details here:

In addition, I've put a bunch of stuff into the public domain - you can do what you like with this, but as above, credit where it's due would be nice. The list will be updated periodically.

CC-licensed stuff

Any other CC-licensed stuff will be collectively filed at: (yeah, this setup blows but GitHub doesn't make it easy to organise repositories in the same way that BitBucket does)

I am unable to offer technical support and/or troubleshooting advice for any of the CC or public-domain licensed projects - life's too short and stuff doesn't build itself. if you're forking them then I'm going to assume that you can work out how they function.

Public domain stuff

  •  - a bunch of really old stuff. Too many to list invidivually - these are available under the Unlicense terms, meaning I really don't give a fig what you do with 'em. None of it really falls under the 'old shame' category, but things have moved on. Oftentimes they've moved on a lot.


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