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XO106r4: Square wave drone/digital noise generator with current starve and resonant LPF (6HP)


If you'd prefer to build your own, you can get a PCB and panel set

Let's make some noise ....

This is the first of a new run of my 40106-based drone generator - no real changes from the original design: four channels of the 40106 set up as tunable(ish) oscillators, mashed together using a CMOS logic chip and then output through a Sallen-Key filter. Throw in the current-starve option and sonic wackiness can often ensue.

Use it as a standalone drone generator, as it's capable of producing some fairly dense textures in the right hands, or use it with an envelope generator and a VCA and you've got a source of nice, clashy percussion sounds.

This iteration is more expensive than its predecessors because it now uses Alpha potentiometers throughout - these are topped off with colourful Befaco micro-knobs; yellow for the current starve, white for the oscillators and a nice, wine red for the filter. Davies clone knobs are available as an option, at extra cost.

6HP wide and less than 20mm deep so will fit in even shallow cases - mounting hardware and a power cable are also supplied.

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