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XO106-4.5: Pre-built 8HP drone/noise generator


You can get sound samples here: and here:

Our old friend the 40106-based drone generator - no real surprises here: four channels of the 40106 set up as tunable(ish) oscillators, mashed together using a CMOS logic chip and then output through a Sallen-Key filter. Throw in the current-starve option and sonic wackiness can often ensue.

Use it as a standalone drone generator, as it's capable of producing some fairly dense textures in the right hands, or use it with an envelope generator and a VCA and you've got a source of nice, clashy percussion sounds. There's a range switch for the filter with two settings - 'raw' and 'cooked'; 'raw' is pretty much what it says on the tin, whereas 'cooked' mode is a bit less aggressive and could even sound mellow in the right hands(!)

Finished with Alpha potentiometers throughout, plus Davies clone knobs (except for the filter controls, which use Befaco micro knobs)

8HP wide and less than 20mm deep so will fit in even shallow cases - mounting hardware and a power cable are also supplied. Also available as a PCB/panel set if you want to DIY it.

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