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UGM: 2HP 5-channel unity-gain mixer for Eurorack synthesisers


A 5-channel unity-gain mixer in 2HP.

What's a unity-gain mixer? As its name suggests, it's a mixer with a gain of (approximately) one - whilst this sounds like it might be about as useful as a glass hammer it is, in fact, rather useful. In short, it's a straightforward and compact way of adding a bunch of signals together - this is particularly handy if you've got, say, a pair of sequencers - one plays a repeating sequence whilst the other controls the 'root' note of the repeating sequencers - by combining the CVs of both sequencers through a unity-gain mixer and running that into your VCO you can have a repeated sequence following a progression in a hands-off manner.

One of many uses, in fact.

In common with my other modules, this is supplied with a panel fabricated from 3mm opaque black perspex - mounting hardware is supplied as a pair of M3x10 machine screws (users of Doepfer cases may have better luck with M3x8). A power cable is also supplied.

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