SOIC-8/SSOP-8 breakout boards (pack of 10)
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SOIC-8/SSOP-8 breakout boards (pack of 10)

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Breakout boards for SOIC-8 (1.27mm pitch) or SSOP-8 (0.65mm pitch) ICs - with a lot of newer ICs only being available in SMD format, these little boards will allow you to use SOIC-8 or SSOP-8 ICs in a breadboard/DIY friendly manner.

The boards are double-sided - SOIC-8 on one side, SSOP-8 on the other; all pins are broken out and marked. The resulting package has the same footprint as a 'regular' DIP-8 IC.

Boards measure approximately 12x12mm - supplied as a pack of 10.