4x4 active matrix mixer (14HP)
4x4 active matrix mixer (14HP)
4x4 active matrix mixer (14HP)
4x4 active matrix mixer (14HP)

4x4 active matrix mixer (14HP)

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The 4x4 active matrix mixer returns.

This will be an initial run of three modules which will be used to determine whether or not a further run is viable. These modules will be:

  • Pre-built only, at least for this run.
  • Have grey panels with gold lettering - any further runs will have the 'usual' purple panels.
  • Be finished with black pot hardware and black micro-knobs.
  • They'll also have funky coloured jack nuts for the inputs and outputs - colours will depend on what I have available but I will endeavour to be consistent (ie. inputs all one colour, outputs all one colour). If you have a preference, let me know but be aware that I may not be able to accomodate it. If you want boring old hex nuts instead, that's OK to.

The only major difference between this incarnation and the previous ones is that the inputs will be capacitively coupled by default in order to minimise the risk of the op-amps for latching up - the original plan was to use TL084 op-amps, which are immune to latching, but supply issues meant that I wasn't able to source any, so I've used TL074s instead.

Modules will provided with the usual power cable and mounting hardware.

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