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PCB/PANEL: THAT-2180 based VCA (4HP - includes IC)
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PCB/PANEL: THAT-2180 based VCA (4HP - includes IC)

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THIS ITEM IS USUALLY SUPPLIED AS A PCB/PANEL/IC SET - if you'd prefer to have a module built for you, please contact me in the first instance.

An updated version of my THAT2180 VCA module.

Unlike some others, this module is built around the THAT2180 Blackmer cell IC - I find it easier to use, and less prone to self-destruction, than the V2164. There are a couple of different versions of the THAT2180 (A and B) but unless you're looking for insanely low levels of THD the C variant gives the best bang for the buck, so that's what I've included.

Unlike the previous incarnation of the module, this one now sits behind a 4HP panel and the layout has been slimmed down a bit too; there's a signal in (obviously) and a single CV input with an associated attenuator. Should you need to perform any additional calibration, there's a trimpot on the rear of the module.

THIS IS A PCB/PANEL SET - the following parts are included:

  • THAT2180 VCA circuit board
  • THAT2180 VCA front panel (4HP, FR4)
  • THAT2180C IC
  • Power cable

It is up to you to source additional parts, build the module and calibrate the end result. You can find the full BOM and schematic at