Hand-built and bespoke Eurorack

Hand-built and bespoke Eurorack
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PCB/panel set for  crap-fi analogue drum module (16HP)
PCB/panel set for  crap-fi analogue drum module (16HP)
PCB/panel set for  crap-fi analogue drum module (16HP)
York Modular

PCB/panel set for crap-fi analogue drum module (16HP)

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This is the through-hole reincarnation of one of my old modules, the MDM (Modular Drum Machine) - I call it a crap-fi module because, let's face it, the sounds that you'll get out of it are rough, ready and pretty characterful.

The board features:

  • Two tunable twin-T kick/bass drum oscillators - get everything from flabby kicks through to woodblocks and howling feedback. They can also be used as notch filters too, for added lulz.
  • Two sets of tunable square-wave oscillators; kind of like a cut down version of the 808-style digital noise source; Schmitt trigger abuse for fun and profit.
  • Two transistor VCAs - again, inspired by Roland's 808 design.

Use the on-board oscillators plus an external envelope to get nice, clashy cymbal sounds.

Note that this isn't an ideal beginner's kit, although if you're patient and can hold a soldering iron at the right end then you can do it. As with my other modules, the panel is laser-cut from 3mm perspex.

BOM and schematic can be found here: https://bitbucket.org/yorkmodular/mdm2/src/master/

Approximate board size: 78x100mm - it will fit behind a 16HP panel

Hear it in action here: https://soundcloud.com/yorkmodular/mdm2crap-fi-drum-module-sample