In-line attenuator kit (set of 3)
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In-line attenuator kit (set of 3)

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A set of bits to build a trio of in-line attenuators.

Attenuators are useful things, but sometimes you don't want to clutter up your rack with them or you need one but all of the ones in your rack are in use. In-line attenuators to the rescue.

I use these a lot when I'm testing, as it's far less hassle to stick an attenuator directly between the modules under test than it is to set up a new patch.

Supplied as shown - it's up to you to put them together, although that's about as easy as it gets. I supply linear taper pots by default but there's nothing to stop you fitting something else if you feel the need - any pot with an Alpha-compatible footprint should do the trick.

(NOTE: pot styles may differ from those shown)