FULL KIT: VAC-VCA: Vactrol-based VCA (4HP)
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FULL KIT: VAC-VCA: Vactrol-based VCA (4HP)

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HEAR IT HERE: https://soundcloud.com/yorkmodular/vacvca

You can never have enough VCAs, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with having VCAs with a bit of character - everything from the crisp sound of a THAT2180 to the fuzzed-out lo-fi gnarr from a single transistor. Here we have something that occupies the middle ground, along with its OTA-based sibling.

There's nothing particularly groundbreaking here - we're using a vactrol and an op-amp as the gain cell, with an additional amplification stage immediately afterwards to provide a bit of overdrive should that be your idea of a good time.

Don't expect super snappy responses though, since you're not going to get them - remember, we're using a vactrol. That being said, I find that this is a good fit for more ambient, spacey stuff where the vactrol's inherent lag can be used to it's best advantage.

Again, like its OTA sibling, it's far from perfect, but it's the good type of imperfect.

This listing is for a full kit; representative values of pots etc. are supplied - all you need to do is put the bits together with help from the BOM and schematic, which you can get here: https://github.com/yorkmodular/vacvca