FRCL: Fixed low-pass filters (3HP)
FRCL: Fixed low-pass filters (3HP)
FRCL: Fixed low-pass filters (3HP)
FRCL: Fixed low-pass filters (3HP)

FRCL: Fixed low-pass filters (3HP)

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Think of it as a buffered mult with an RC filter on each output, because that's basically what it is.

The outputs consist of a set of 1-pole RC filters. You're not going to be getting shrieky resonance out of these, but they are good for 'tidying up' some sounds (lower frequencies are good at reducing the effects of high-frequency transients, aka 'pop'). Modules are cascadeable should you wish to increase the filtering effect.

The following are implemented, with their associated resistor/capacitor pairs in brackets should you feel the need to tinker.

  • 63Hz (R3/C1)
  • 250Hz (R4/C2)
  • 500Hz (R5/C3)
  • 1.5kHz (R6/C4)
  • 3kHz (R7/C5)
  • 5kHz (R8/C6)
  • 8kHz (R9/C7)

Roll-off is 6db/octave - you can increase this by cascading modules or feeding the output(s) to another filter. Combine with a high-pass filter to get a bandpass response.

Note also that this module is quite deep - 43mm from the back of the faceplate to the trailing edge of the power connector. Make sure your case has enough depth to accomodated.

The exact cutoff frequency will depend on the accuracy of your components - to keep costs down I use E24 range components for both resistors and capacitors, meaning that the cutoff frequency is there or thereabouts. If this sort of thing bothers you then you can either shell out far more for a similar module or change the components yourself. You can get the BOM and schematic from here:

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