Arduino Nano v3 clone board (includes headers)
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Arduino Nano v3 clone board (includes headers)

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These are the Atmega328-based boards that I use on my modules which require an Arduino Nano, such as the VCVS and the updated AVR VCO.

They have the same footprint as a 'genuine' Arduino Nano but are a heck of a sight cheaper. Each board has been tested and reflashed with code which will cause the on-board LED to flash rapidly. Programming can be achieved via the on-board micro-USB port.

Dimensions are 43x18x6 mm.

These boards have a CH341 USB UART on board - this is detected automatically by my Linux machines, but Mac and Windows may need to download additional drivers; you can get guidance on how to do this from your favourite search engine.

2.54mm pin headers are supplied, as is a 2x3 connector for the ICSP pins.