Hand-built and bespoke Eurorack

Hand-built and bespoke Eurorack
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2WAY: 2HP dual channel manual switch module - PCB/panel set
York Modular

2WAY: 2HP dual channel manual switch module - PCB/panel set

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Another mind-blowingly simple, yet mind-blowingly useful utility module - a dual passive switch.

This module is bi-directional, meaning you can switch a single source to one of two destinations or switch two separate sources to a single destination (this is particularly handy if you've got a couple of sequencers running and want to switch between the two).

This is a set consisting of the main board and a front panel, both fabricated from FR4 fibreglass in OSHpark purple with gold lettering. All that is required to complete is solder, 6 Thonkiconn (PJ301-style) jacks and a pair of subminiature toggle switches (Dailywell-style switches with solder pins at 2.54mm centres - Thonk sell these, too)

As these panels are fabricated to the same sub-mm tolerances as 'proper' PCBs, you may find it necessary to slightly open out the jack holes with a deburring tool.

An ideal beginners project.