Hand-built and bespoke Eurorack

Hand-built and bespoke Eurorack
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1pc LM13700 operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) - DIP-16
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1pc LM13700 operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) - DIP-16

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The LM13700 is an integrated circuit consisting of two current controlled opeational transconductance amplifiers (OTA), each having differential inputs and a push-pull output. The LM13700 is like a standard op-amp in that each has a pair of differential inputs and a single output, but an OTA is voltage in and current out rather than voltage in and voltage out.

This isn't quite as confusing as it sounds.

Granted, the internals are based on old design practices but this is one of the (many) things that give this chip it's charm. It's also incredibly versatile and has formed the backbone of any number of filters and VCAs - there are even a few LM13700-based VCOs out there.


Like I said, versatile - it can take a little while to get your head around how it works but I find that the effort is worth it.

Supplied as a single IC - DIP-16 package is ideal for prototyping.

There are a number of good articles around describing the LM13700 and it's uses: