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VCSK: PCB for vactrol resonant low-pass filter for Eurorack synthesisers (4HP)


This is a PCB only! It is up to you to fabricate an appropriate panel and source the components to complete the build.

Filters don't need to be massively complex to sound good, and it's amazing the sort of noises you can get out of an op-amp and a bunch of passive components.

There's an input and output, of course, plus a CV input with an attached attenuator which feeds into a pair of vactrols, which is where the magic happens. With a bit of care, you can get everything from nice filter sweeps all the way up to squonky acid-bass and beyond. Don't expect super-snappy responses though, because vactrols are doing a lot of the spadework. The component values in the BOM aren't carved in stone either - feel free to experiment.

In common with all my other modules, this is supplied with a panel made from laser-cut and engraved 3mm black perspex

The BOM and schematic can be found at:

You can hear a quick and dirty sample of the finished article right here:

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