10% discount on purchases of two or more modules.

10% discount on purchases of two or more modules.
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Creative Commons-licensed modules

I AM WILLING TO DO SHORT PRE-BUILT RUNS OF THESE MODULES - please contact me in the first instance.

I have decided to make a number of old module design files available under the Creative Commons license (specifically, CC-Attribution-ShareAlike-International 4.0 - see here for more details on what this allows).

The current list of modules is:

In a nutshell, you are free to do whatever you like with these files provided that you a) acknowledge the original source (ie. me) and b) make available, under the same license, any modifications you might make.

In other words, if you want to do a short run of modules for yourself or a small group then go right ahead, but don't try and pass them off as your own work.

The links below will allow you to order runs of boards through OSHPark - I do not get any commission from these sales, but if you feel the need then you can make a donation via PayPal - not only will this pay my bills, but it may also encourage me to make more designs available in this way.

Note, however, that there's no support available for these modules - you are responsible for both sourcing components and subsequent construction, so if you screw anything up then it's on you.

Please don't ask if files for a specific module are available - if they are, they'll be listed here.

  XO106r4.5 drone generator

4x4 Active Matrix Mixer

4-channel mixer with illuminated faders

"Bad Trip" digital VCO (v1.5)

ECHO2 - PT2399 echo/delay

VC2 - single-channel voltage-controlled switch