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VACTROL-BPF: Vactrol-based resonant bandpass filter for Eurorack synthesisers (8HP)


Mad, bad and unruly ...

Take four inputs, three vactrols and a feedback pot, chuck them altogether and hilarity ensues.

This is the bigger, more delinquent sibling of my 2HP band-pass filter - it has the same multi-feedback topology, but instead of a bunch of pots which require manual tweaking, they've been replaced with vactrols for even more chaos and tweakability. All three inputs (attenuation, cutoff and resonance) are independent of each other and are normalled to 12V when nothing is connected - when a control voltage is presented at any of the inputs, you can use the associated pot as an attenuator to fine-tune things.

The net result is certainly different - whilst it is quite possible to get some nicely acidic sounds out of it, combining voltage controlled resonance _and_ the feedback pot can yield some face-shredding sounds with self-oscillation if that's your idea of a good time.

Supplied with a laser-cut and engraved panel fabricated from 3mm black perspex - mounting hardware (M3x10 machine screws) and a power cable are also supplied.

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