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DMGv2: Pre-built dual-channel manual gate with adjustable gate voltage for Eurorack synthesisers (6HP)


A full build of the DMGv2 Dual Manual Gate module - only one of these is available; everyone else will need to buy the kit when it becomes available.

A nice, simple, two-channel manual gate which will allow you to trigger things at the push of a button - the circuit uses the ever-so-useful 40106 Schmitt Trigger IC to ensure that switch bounce is minimised, thus minimising the risk of 'false' triggering Better still, the gate is adjustable from 0V up to ... whatever, depending on how you've configured the board (if you want to limit the maximum output to 5V or 9V, just add a voltage regulator - otherwise leave it out and you'll get 0-12V or thereabouts). Ideal for manual advancement of sequencers or triggering of envelope generators etc.

Note also that the push-buttons on the module are momentary, so the gate will only be high for as long as the button is pressed - if you want any other functionality then you'll need to get creative.

This module is configured to provide a gate output of between 0 and 12V (approx), adjustable via the pots on the front panel - there is an LED on each channel which will light up when the gate is high, with the level of illumination being proportional to the output voltage (ie. LED off < 1.5V, full brightness at 12V)

Supplied with a 6HP panel laser-cut and engraved from 3mm black perspex. Mounting hardware and a power cable are also supplied.

Approximately 25mm deep with power cable attached.

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