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DMGv2: PCB/panel set for adjustable dual manual gate for Eurorack synthesisers (6HP)


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PCB and panel set for a useful dual manual gate module for your Eurorack setup. 

Use it for one-shot triggering of envelope generators, signals, or whatever else. The BOM assumes momentary switches, that is the output voltage will be high for as long as the button is pressed - if you want a latching action then you'll need to replaces the switches with something more appropriate; for more trigger-like behaviour then you can use a gate-to-trigger converter between the DMG and the destination module(s)

Better still, the gate is adjustable from 0V up to ... whatever, depending on how you've configured the board (if you want to limit the maximum output to 5V or 9V, just add a voltage regulator - otherwise leave it out and you'll get 0-12V or thereabouts). The gate output is also debounced and run through a Schmitt trigger so that the result is a nice, clean square wave which won't cause any 'false' triggering.

Use cases will vary, but I use one to act as a reset for my sequencers by running the output of the DMG into an active mult and then connecting to the reset inputs of the sequencers. Push the button and everything is reset.

BOM and schematic can be found at:

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