Hand-built and bespoke Eurorack

Hand-built and bespoke Eurorack
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PCB/panel set for simple dual attenuverter (2HP)
York Modular

PCB/panel set for simple dual attenuverter (2HP)

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A simple (emphasis on _simple) dual attenuverter for your Eurorack synth.

If you're after hyper-precision, zero offsetting and stuff like that then you're in the wrong place - however, if you want a way to turn those signals upside down and back again then you're in the right place.

Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that there are two boards - the 'main' board contains the controls and is connected to a daughterboard via a right-angle header. The module is 39mm deep from the rear face of the panel to the rear face of the power connector - add an extra 5-6mm to account for the power connector.

If you're planning to fit this in a skiff, _please_ make sure that your case is deep enough. Since the only active component on board is an op-amp, current consumption is suitably low - figure on 10mA max on both +12 and -12.

What's even better is that it'll fit behind a 2HP panel so it needn't necessarily take up much space either - a panel is provided, and it is cut from 3mm perspex and engraved appropriately.

You can get the BOM and whatnot from here: https://bitbucket.org/yorkmodular/dual-attenuverter/src/master/