Hand-built and bespoke Eurorack

Hand-built and bespoke Eurorack
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1U Eurorack buffered multiple (12HP, Pulp Logic format)
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1U Eurorack buffered multiple (12HP, Pulp Logic format)

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Leftover stock from an abortive attempt at selling 1U tiles - whilst I can see the benefit of tiles, the 'format wars' are, quite frankly, annoying and something I'd rather stay out of for the time being.

Anyway ...

These are the last remaining 1U buffered mults that I built - I have a few in my own system and these are the remaining stock that I couldn't shift by the usual means. 1 input, 4 duplicated outputs - simple, yet effective.

Note, however, that these are PulpLogic format tiles - they will not fit in Intellijel cases as the PCBs are marginally too tall, plus you'd have to re-do the panels as well. I have no doubt that some resourceful individual could repanel these into a 3U module, but that's an exercise for the reader ...

Supplied as seen - you'll need to provide mounting hardware (M3x6 machine screws worked for me) and a suitable power cable (standard Eurorack - I'm really not a fan of the Futaba connectors)

This is a 'double width' tile - that is, 12HP.