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XO106r5: Gerber and panel files  - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD
XO106r5: Gerber and panel files  - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

XO106r5: Gerber and panel files - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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IMPORTANT: by purchasing this product it is assumed that you know what to do with the files.

The XO106r5 is a logical progression from its predecessors - although it no longer contains any 40106 ICs, it's still a good source of square-wave glitchiness along with a filter should you want to round off some of the rough edges.

It's also a lot bigger - 22HP.

The salient features are:

  • 4 AVR-based square-wave oscillators with V/oct response good for around 5 octaves. There are fine-tune pots on the back side of the PCB.
  • Voltage-controlled pulse width for each oscillator
  • Oscillator firmware is available under a permissive license.
  • Patchable Sallen-Key low-pass filter - use it, or don't; it's something of a nod to the previous incarnations of the module (note that this is not a VCF - if you want that sort of thing, you can easily patch to an external filter module)
  • Patchable logic matrix - this is the big step from the previous versions. The oscillators are no longer hardwired to the logic IC; you can patch things together how you want, or not at all. The logic IC itself is socketed so you can replace it with a different, pin-compatible, IC should you wish to change the voicing of the module. The 'default' option is a CD4070 (quad XOR) but alternatives include the 4001, 4011 and 4093.

The downloadable archive contains everything you  need to fab your own versions of this module - Gerber files for mainboard and front panel, plus FPD and DXF files for the front panel should you wish to do a customised version - note that you will need to generate your own Gerber files if you do use a customised panel.

Submit the files to your favourite fab and you're done.

Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


The terminally curious can view Johnny Beaver's demo of a prototype unit in action on YouTube ... 'production' units will have my usual purple/ENIG FR4 panels.

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