Hand-built and bespoke Eurorack

Hand-built and bespoke Eurorack
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PCB/panel for switchable passive mult (5HP)
York Modular

PCB/panel for switchable passive mult (5HP)

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Another switch module which is devastatingly simple whilst at the same time being pretty darned useful as well.

This is what happens when someone says 'Hey, why don't you do this?' So I did (and sent the originator of the idea a couple of boards for their trouble!)

This is a passive mult with a difference - each input/output has a switch allowing you to choose between a pair of sources. This is a lot more useful than it sounds!

An additional pair of jumpers (SJ1 and SJ2) allow you to pull the jack switches to ground if you're that way inclined - by default they're left floating, which works just fine.

As supplied, the module is configured as a pair of 1->3 mults - if you want to convert it into a 1->7 then you'll need to remove the panel and bridge jumpers SJ3 and SJ4.

Completion requires and appropriate number of PJ398SM (aka. Thonkiconn) jacks and switches - the pre-built module uses ON-ON switches, but there's no reason why you couldn't use ON-OFF-ON switches if you prefer.

Supplied with a laser-cut an engraved panel fabricated from 3mm black acrylic, mounting hardware (M3x10 machine screws) is also supplied - users of Doepfer cases may have better results using M3x8. No power cable, since the module is fully passive.

Note that although the board is narrow enough to fit behind a 4HP panel, I found that there was significant overhang if you fitted washers to the switches, so I went for 5HP instead - that being said, there are panel files available for 4HP if that's what floats your boat.