Microchip MCP3426 16-bit analogue-to-digital converter IC

Microchip MCP3426 16-bit analogue-to-digital converter IC

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The MCP3426 is a low noise and high accuracy 16 Bit Delta-Sigma Analog-to-Digital (ΔΣ A/D) converter from Microchip Technology Inc. These devices can convert analog inputs to digital codes with up to 16 bits of resolution.

The MCP3426 has two differential input channels. This device can output analog-to-digital conversion results at rates of 15 (16-bit mode), 60 (14-bit mode), or 240 (12-bit mode) samples per second depending on the user controllable configuration bit settings using the two-wire I 2 C serial interface.

During each conversion, the device calibrates offset and gain errors automatically. This provides accurate conversion results from conversion to conversion over variations in temperature and power supply fluctuation.

Since the MCP3426 is only available as an surface-mount component, it is supplied mounted to a breakout board which is not only breadboard-friendly but also has the same footprint as a 'regular' DIP-8 IC - ideal for DIYers and tinkerers.

If you're using the Arduino platform as a base, you can get a library for the MCP342x-series ADCs here: https://github.com/stevemarple/MCP342x