Hand-built and bespoke Eurorack

Hand-built and bespoke Eurorack
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10pcs black 'Doepfer style' potentiometer knobs - T18 spline
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10pcs black 'Doepfer style' potentiometer knobs - T18 spline

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Potentiometer knobs ...

These are very similar to the knobs that Doepfer use on their modules except that the body of the knob is black and the marker line is white. I've started using these on some of my own modules.

They will only fit on pots which have a T-18 spline - this means that if your pots have round shafts, these are no good. Similarly, they will not fit on Song Huei tall trimmer-style pots either.

It's worth noting that the width of the base is approximately 15mm (compared with 13mm for a Davies-style knob) so if you're planning to retrofit, please make sure that adjacent knobs will not interfere with each other.