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TIMBRAL ANARCHY: Sine/triangle VCO with diode waveshaper (12HP)
TIMBRAL ANARCHY: Sine/triangle VCO with diode waveshaper (12HP)
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TIMBRAL ANARCHY: Sine/triangle VCO with diode waveshaper (12HP)

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THESE MODULES ARE ONE-OFFS - they feature a 1.8mm thick 3D-printed panel faced with fancy-looking decoupage paper. The end result has a glossy finish - whilst the finish is pretty sturdy it isn't indestructable, so try and avoid excessive handling.

Two finishes are available:

  • Psychedelic, and
  • Distressed (SOLD)

The two modules are finished slightly differently but are functionally the same. These are pre-production units - I'm hoping to have 'production' modules, with the boring PCB-style panels, available sometime during Autumn 2021.



This is what you get when you take a fairly standard VCO, combine it with a cut down version of the DWS waveshaper (4 diode stages instead of 8) and throw a couple of gain stages in for good measure.

Like the DWS itself, this module has a bit of a steep learning curve but unlike a standalone waveshaper this gives you control over the signal gain at various stages. This, combined with the ability to mix the shaped and 'clean' signals gives rise to a wide range of timbres.

The VCO stage is pretty much the same as that found in my standalone AVR VCOs - it's good over about 5 octaves and includes a fine-tune control on the front panel. As with the AVR-VCO, the firmware is available under a permissive license so feel free to hack on it

There are only two jacks, CV in and signal out, but there are plenty of controls to tinker with. Starting from the top and moving left-to-right, we have:

  • CV attenuator, 'clean' gain (final amplification of 'clean' waveform)
  • Fine-tune, signal mix - range from fully clean to fully folded and points between
  • Wavefolder scale, wavefolder slope, wavefolder input gain, wavefolder output gain
  • Individual controls for the wavefolder diode stages.

If you want instant gratification then this probably isn't what you're looking for, but if you like tinkering and making weird noises then you'll likely get a kick out of it.

The module is 12HP wide (approx) and around 25mm deep with the power cable attached. Supplied with mounting hardware and a power cable.