FULL KIT: Roland-inspired single transistor lo-fi VCA (2HP)
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FULL KIT: Roland-inspired single transistor lo-fi VCA (2HP)

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This is a version of the Roland-inspired 'swing' single-transistor VCA that was used in the 808 drum machines and similar.

Don't expect high fidelity, because you won't get it, since the transistor will introduce some rectification and clipping into the input signal - that said, it does work really well on percussive patches and anything else where you want to dirty up the sound.

This is a full kit - all the necessary componentry is included, all you need to do is solder it up. You can get the BOM and schematic right here: https://github.com/yorkmodular/tVCA

Supplied with a 2HP fabricated from 1.6mm FR4 (PCB material) in dark purple (RAL4007-ish) with gold lettering - mounting hardware (M3x6 machine screws) and a power cable are also supplied.