FULL KIT: Exponential ADSR envelope generator (5HP)
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FULL KIT: Exponential ADSR envelope generator (5HP)

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This module is the spiritual successor to my old Kirschmann ADSR module which, whilst being very useful and an interesting use of CMOS ICs, required a fairly hefty trigger signal in order to work.

This is the 5HP version of the module, without a range switch.

This is an updated envelope generator which uses a 555 timer configured as a Schmitt trigger (see: https://www.nutsvolts.com/magazine/article/555-monostable-circuits - figure 15 in particular) from which the envelope is generated. The net result is something that not only triggers at around 1V but also has far fewer parts, particularly ICs, than the Kirschmann design.

I'm going to call that a win, and it isn't dissimilar to the design that Doepfer use in their EG modules, albeit without the bells and whistles.

In addition, I've 'borrowed' a couple of features from a Rene Schmitz design, specifically: the resistor R13 is optional, but adding it will give the input a bit of hysteresis (the degree of which is governed by the values of R13 - 1MΩ is what I use) which is handy if you're using a slowly changing waveform as a trigger.

Secondly, there's a buffer between the sustain and decay pots which removes any interdependence between the two. It also uses up an otherwise uncommitted op-amp.

Choice of decay capacitor is a matter of personal choice - I provide a 470nF electrolytic for the purpose, as this seems to be a good trade-off value.

The board has a couple of surface mount components but these are pre-soldered for you.

The supplied panel is fabricated from 1.6mm FR4 and is dark purple (RAL4007) with gold lettering.

The BOM and whatnot can be obtained at: https://github.com/yorkmodular/555adsr-kit

 CURRENT DRAW (approx.):

  • 20mA (+12)
  • 5mA (-12)