FULL KIT: 2WAY Dual-channel manual switch module (2HP, ON-ON)
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FULL KIT: 2WAY Dual-channel manual switch module (2HP, ON-ON)

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Another mind-blowingly simple, yet mind-blowingly useful utility module - a dual passive switch.

This module is bi-directional, meaning you can switch a single source to one of two destinations or switch two separate sources to a single destination (this is particularly handy if you've got a couple of sequencers running and want to switch between the two).

In addition, both channels are electrically independent of each other, meaning that there's no normalling between them.


The supplied panel is fabricated from 1.6mm FR4 and is dark purple (RAL4007) with gold lettering.

THIS IS A FULL KIT SUPPLIED WITH ON-ON SWITCHES - I don't keep ON-OFF-ON switches in stock as they're pretty pricy, but providing your switch of choice has a compatible footprint (solder lugs at 2.54mm centres) then you can fit whatever you like.