Buy 2 (or more) modules, get 10% off (until November 30th)

Buy 2 (or more) modules, get 10% off (until November 30th)
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Things to come ...

Now that things are settling down a bit, there's scope for some new (and not-so-new) stuff. All of this stuff bar the sequencers will be sent off for fabbing this week (the sequencers are, technically, available - I just don't have enough knobs to finish the entire run)
  • Updated SEQ8.2 - these now have an output buffer to prevent any unfortunate impedance mismatches with other modules. Appearance-wise, no change other than new modules will likely ship with white or light grey knobs (having trouble getting hold of black)
  • SINDRONE (probably 18HP) - think of the XO106 but with sine waves instead of squares. I got the idea after finding some old A-level[*] physics notes about the Wien bridge oscillator. Four tunable oscillators (not CV - yet) individually broken out, plus a mixer stage if you want to mash them together. Sounds amazing run through a Lockhart wavefolder (I did consider adding a wavefolder stage to the module but the end result was just too damned big)
  • DWS4 (10HP) - 4-stage version of the DWS module; offers a bit more immediacy than its bigger brother but still capable of producing some pretty far-out noises. Of course, it's smaller than the full-fat DWS. I do have a couple of 8-stage DWS PCB/panel sets left - the jury is currently out as to whether there'll be another run of them.
  • PROTOTYPING BOARDS - I'm having one run done of both the small and medium sized boards. Will likely be sold individually, with price breaks for multiples.

[*] - for any non-Brits, A-levels are usually the exams you take between leaving school and going to university. Most folks do them at age 18. I did mine nearly 35 years ago ... go figure.

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