Buy 2 (or more) modules, get 10% off (until November 30th)

Buy 2 (or more) modules, get 10% off (until November 30th)
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*GASP!* Price reductions ...

In order to reflect my reduced input costs(!), a number of passive modules have been repriced accordingly eg. the 3-channel passive mixer is now nearly 30% cheaper(!!) and dual passive attenuators sneak in at a hair under £15 now.
I don't subscribe to the 'increasing prices because I can' school of thought - I want to keep the barrier of entry fairly low whilst at the same time maintaining my margins. If component prices come down and I can pass that reduction on without selling stuff at a loss then I will.
That's how we roll.
From here on out, I will be adjusting prices on run-by-run basis, so the listed costs for any given module are good for as long as I have stock. Supply chains seem to be sorting themselves out at last, so in a lot of cases I don't forsee a ton of variance in prices in future - although IC prices can be a bit volatile, I tend to buy in large quantities in order to take advantage of price breaks.

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