Forthcoming attractions (January 2022 edition)

Due to my increasing dislike of 'social' media, I've decided that this may be the best place to announce forthcoming releases and other such administrative trivia.

This will likely happen on an 'every now and again' basis when I hopefully have something substantive to say. Without further ado ...

Redesigned modules

A few modules have undergone a redesign, ostensibly to make them easier to use, based on feedback from others. Functionally, they'll be the same as their predecessors but the controls will be laid out a bit differently:

  • PMX3 - three channel passive mixer; exactly the same as the existing PMIX module except that all of the jacks are at the top and all of the mixer pots are at the bottom. The 'old style' modules now reduced to clear and when they're gone, that's it. Available now.
  • AT4 - ages ago, I did a quad passive attenuator in 4HP. People have asked for it, so it's now back. As with the mixer, the layout is such that the input/output jacks are grouped together above the attenuator pots. Available now.
  • AT2 - along similar lines, the AT2 dual attenuator will be getting a redesign. Existing modules are reduced to clear, and I'm expecting the new design to be available from mid-February (fabs permitting)
  • WF2 - the Lockhart wavefolder has had a bit of a facelift as well; separate triangle/square outputs have gone and are now routed to a single output via a mixer pot. This results in a broader palette of sounds. Biasing controls are still present, so you can get some nasty clipping if that's what you're after. Currently being fabbed - expected mid-February; the 'old style' wavefolder is now sold out.

Legit New Stuff[tm]

There are some new modules coming too - timescales will depend on fabrication leadtimes and component availability (I'm currently being quoted a lead time of 372 days for TL084 op-amps ....). I've been doing some fiddling with LM13700 OTAs and some of the more obscure CMOS chips, and these are the results.

  • YAKS filter - "Yet another K**g-Style" filter. Basically a take on the MS20 VCF with a few wee tweaks. Main boards are being fabbed Right Now, but the front panels have yet to be designed - I'm hoping to get it inside 3HP. There are a couple of CMOS-based filters in the works too.
  • OTAVCO - a return to analogue VCOs; this is a triangle/square VCO which is aimed squarely at the drone crowd; it'll do V/oct courtesy of a Rene Schmitz-style expo converter but has a much wider range than an MCU-based unit. So much so, it could do duty as a VCLFO as well. Main boards currently being fabbed - will likely be a 6HP 'shallow' design. This module is actually a prelude to something rather bigger (and noisier)
  • OTAVCAv2 - a re-spin of the existing OTA VCA but in 2HP. As a result, the existing 4HP VCAs are on sale.
  • BRM - the Binary Rate Multiplier. Essentially a breakout for the CD4089 rate multiplier IC from TI. Clocks are interesting, but clocks with messed-up, non-metric outputs are even better. You can have a look at the datasheet and get a feel for what this bit of silicon can do. Main board is ready to be fabbed and it's a 10HP 'shallow' design. I shall be doing a write-up on this module in due course.
  • AMX3 - basically the active counterpart to the PMX3 passive mixer. Available now, with some PCB/panel sets available.

When it's gone, it's gone ...

The following modules are on sale and will be discontinued once they've sold out:

  • AR2 single-channel AR generator - I have plans for an updated version.
  • THAT2180 VCA - again, there are plans for an updated version but it doesn't look like I'll get the shipment of 2180s that I ordered before April at the earliest. The existing OTAVCA is a good alternative in the meantime.
  • VC2 voltage-controlled switch - plans for a dual-channel version are afoot. I'm hoping it'll still fit inside 3HP.
  • SQUASCILLATOR VCO - will be replaced by the OTAVCO, above. If you've ever fancied mucking around with ATTiny microcontrollers, this module is actually a good testbed.

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