Buy 2 (or more) modules, get 10% off (until November 30th)

Buy 2 (or more) modules, get 10% off (until November 30th)
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Eurorack module prototyping boards

In an attempt to get more people making stuff, I am making a set of Eurorack-oriented prototyping boards available under the Creative Commons license. These are inspired by the 'perma proto-boards' offered by the likes of AdaFruit

Three sizes are offered (images below):

  • small is roughly equivalent to a mini 170pt breadboard. However, unlike a mini breadboard this board has power rails (see below)
  • medium is equivalent to a half-size (400pt) breadboard.
  • large is equivalent to a full-size (800pt) breadboard. Whilst this is probably too large to fit in most Eurorack cases, it is handy for 'desktop' modules. Users of other, larger, formats may find it useful too.

These boards differ from 'traditional' breadboards in a few ways:

  • They have three power rails, rather than two. One for +12V, one for -12V and one for GND.
  • There are M3 mounting holes at each corner.
  • There are an additional couple of ground rails at the top of the board.
  • Power is provided by a 10-pin Eurorack power header.

Electrically, the rows of 5 pads are connected in the same way as a 'traditional' breadboard. I am planning to make pad-per-hole versions of the boards available in the near future.

I will make runs of these boards (small and medium, at least) available for sale if the demand is there. If you just want a few for your own use then you can ...

Buy via OSHPark

You can order small (3) runs of boards from OSHPark using the following permalinks. Note that I don't receive any commissions from these sales - if you feel like tossing a few quid my way then you can do that via PayPal

Board Images

Small (57.2 x 64mm)

Medium (60.4 x 97mm)

Large (60.4 x 171.4mm)

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