End-of-line and clearance musings

Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed that the End-of-Line/clearance section has expanded a bit of late - there's a pretty simple reason for this: I have too much stock.

These things happen, of course, and there comes a time when a little bit of spring cleaning is required, and this time happens to be now. Here's what's on offer:

  • 2WAY manual switch - there's a redesigned version in the works, so the current models need to make way.
  • AT2 dual attenuator - there's a redesigned model (the AT2u) available now, which is rather more user-friendly than its predecessor. Down to the last few of these now.
  • PMULT passive mult - clearing out the last few to make way for a new run.
  • DIV2 clock divider - not discontinued, but again I've got quite a lot of them.
  • ADSR envelope generator - last few reduced to clear; I have a few ideas for an updated version.
  • THAT2180 VCA - to say that availability of THAT2180 ICs is spotty would be the understatement of the millennium. As a result, I'm discontinuing this design but will be putting the design files and whatnot into the public domain for people to use should they see fit.
  • OTAVCA - again, I went a bit overboard building these, plus I've redesigned it as a 2HP module so the existing 4HP modules are reduced to clear.
  • VC2 voltage-controlled switch - reduced to clear; a dual-channel version is in the works.
  • VRTR dual attenuverter - I happened to have a small number of boards and panels lying around so here they are. This module has largely been supplanted by the QUADVRTR quad attenuverter but I may reintroduce the 2HP dual version if the demand is there.
  • tVCA transistor VCA - interesting one, this. Whilst clearing out I found a mysterious cardboard box which happened to contain almost a full run of tVCAs with grey panels. A rarity indeed. When these are gone, they're gone - I have no plans to make any more.
  • 4x4 matrix mixer - been sticking around for too long; it's the last one so away it goes.
  • SEQ8.2+ - pre-builts have been sticking around for too long, and since I'm doing another run of the vanilla 8.2 they're kinda surplus to requirements. The remainder of the run will be offered as a PCB/panel set (easy through-hole build)

As per usual, shipping is included on al UK orders. Due to Royal Mail's recent price increases, particularly for shipping to the US, the threshold for free international shipping has increased to £50. International customers should also be aware that they are responsible for any additional customs/duties/sales taxes.

Over and out ...

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