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AR2: 2HP attack-release envelope generator for Eurorack synthesisers


A cut-down version of the DV3 envelope generator - the principal difference being that there's only a single channel, rather than two, and it fits inside 2HP so if you've got an awkward gap in your case then you can fill it with something useful.

If you want a nice, simple envelope generator aimed at use in percussion patches then this is it. Better still, you can also use it as a slew limiter if you're so inclined - bear in mind, however, that the response is exponential, rather than linear.

Attack and release values are independently controllable, and if you're unhappy with the default settings then you can easily alter them if you're handy with a soldering iron and are confident with surface mount components (change one capacitor and you're done)

100% hand-made with surface-mount components.

Panels are laser-cut and engraved 3mm perspex in opaque black. Mounting hardware (M3x10 machine screws) and a power cable are also supplied.

If you'd prefer to fab your own panels, you can get the design files here:

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